Post-op Lymphatic Body Contouring

Lymphatic drainage is a great way to rid the body of toxins as well as improve overall health. The session is done a couple of different ways. With many beneficial rewards come with body contouring, such as cellulite smoothing and reduction. Water weight loss is also an added bonus.

After surgery post op care helps to assure that fibrosis doesn’t occur and to help manually shape the body to the desired results . At Skin Dripp we like to offer added techniques to the body contouring session.

Lymphatic drainage massage is gentle and consists of constant movements that rhythm the bodies lymphatic system. This also can be paired with wood therapy, cavitation, RF ultrasound and vacuum therapy all in one. Sounds a bit long, yes? 1-hour of your time and immediate slimming results. A healthy diet and light exercise to maintain the results is recommended.

Package sessions are advised.

Brazilian Body Sculpt